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What is your Your Daily Routine?

What is your Daily Routine? For me, I like to start the day journaling, recording my thoughts and plans for the day ahead.

To be successful in business or in life we all need a Daily Routine. It can be as simple as brushing our teeth and showering first thing in the morning. We are all creatures of habit and our daily routines are a form of self-automation that sets us up for the day ahead – without a routine we can end up being overwhelmed and stressed out.

As far as success routines go it is important to set yourself up first thing in the morning (or the evening before) to be the most productive you can be, to give you the best chance to achieve the results which will deliver the greatest chance of success in your life and your business. 

To help set me up for a productive day I ask myself:

  • What are the three thing I must do to move me closer to my goals?
  • What areas do I need to work on to get more clarity and focus in my life?
  • Am I living on purpose or to someone else’s dream?
  • How can I be of value and service to others?
  • What am I grateful for?

As part of my Daily Routine I go for a walk or a swim, after which I eat a healthy breakfast of porridge with ground pumpkin and sunflower seeds. As soon as I get to my desk (short walk down the hall) and before switching on my computer I will write up my Journal – currently I use and have done for some years the Full Focus Planner to reflect and plan out my day including ‘My Daily Big 3’ which are the most important tasks followed by all other tasks. I then prioritize the tasks in order of importance and delivery.

When that is complete I will then and only then switch on my computer, check my e mails, my on line schedule and additional tasks for the day. One tip I learnt a long time ago is to switch off all Notifications on both my mobile and my computer in particular my email notification which is probably the greatest productivity drain ever invented! Try it sometime.

So what is your Daily Routine?