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I help ambitious and growth orientated Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Individuals overcome their challenges, improve their mindset, achieve greater performance and results through empowered Executive Leadership Coaching.

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Happy Clients

Fully focused on helping clients deliver results.

CEO, Coffee Importer and Supplier

Howard brings an alternative approach to strategy and business development which is
both refreshing and enlightening. He is fully focused on helping clients deliver results
and is both dedicated and committed to making a difference through coaching and

Howard is a gifted creative thinker and visualizer.

Communications Specialist

Enthusiastic by nature, Howard is a gifted creative thinker and visualizer, always open
to new ideas while maintaining flexibility and curiosity.

Exceptional at communications

Founder, IT Start Up

Exceptional at communications, structured and organized with great abilities to
empathize and collaborate with purpose, flair and focus.

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Howard Kent - Results Coach and Mentor - helping Entrepreneurs and Executives achieve greater success in their lives.

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Let me help you reach your true potential, get clarity and achieve greater success and results by helping you to align your life purpose with your business goals.

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