Our Values and Beliefs are our Guiding Lights to Success in Life

Knowing your Values and Beliefs is key to success in life - HowardKent.com

Our Values and Beliefs are our Guiding Lights in life - by knowing what your Values, Strengths and Beliefs are is key to success and understanding what drives and motivate you. They can help with your decision making and in identifying and recognising what and who you need to avoid in life. They are not necessarily set in stone, they can and do evolve over time as you develop and move into your next life phase.

Think of your Values and Beliefs as a Lighthouse, helping a ship on the high seas to navigate at night, identifying areas and obstacles it needs to avoid such as rocks and landfall and also giving direction on where the ship is going to and if it on course to reach its destination. Very similar to life and if you are living life true to your values, strengths and beliefs so you always make the right choice and decision.

I firmly believe you should practice as you preach and I have no problems in sharing my own Values, Strengths and Beliefs which I live my life by - they are as follows:

  • Appreciation: I appreciate Form and Beauty and respect my surrounding and environment by limiting my impact on it by being a good Citizen.
  • Curious: I am a curious type of person - I am interested in Lifelong Learning and Personal Development by staying on trend and experiencing new Places, People and Things.
  • Diligent: I expect a lot of myself and others in terms of Effort, Punctuality, Reliability and Responsibility.
  • Fulfilled: I live a Meaningful and Purposeful life in a manner which Excites and Motivates me while serving others.
  • Harmony:  I believe in a harmonious and peaceful life and live in absence of conflict with others.
  • Positive: I am Confident, Enthusiastic, Measured, Thoughtful and always have a Positive Mental Attitude and Growth Mindset.
  • Responsible: I take full responsibility for my situation, actions and my life.
  • Trustworthy: I am Sincere, Honest, Diplomatic, Measured and Respectful and I always look for the good in others.

Identifying, evaluating and clarifying your Values, Strengths and Beliefs is probably one of the most worthwhile exercises you can do in your life and also your business. I can help you identify yours.

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