A year from now you will wish you had started today 

Hi, my name is Howard Kent and I am a certified and accredited EMCC Executive and Leadership Coach. I help ambitious and growth orientated individuals and executives pivot and get more out of their business, career and their life.

I provide guidance, support and help to identify the blockages that may be stopping you from having the life you desire and develop an action orientated roadmap to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

I have over 3 decades of practical experience specialising in business development, marketing and coaching. I keep myself at the cutting edge of business and coaching through continuous professional development and training.

My mission is simple: to help others get more focus on what matters: more time, more reward and more money. I have built and run my own business for the best part of my working life so I know exactly what it is like with the highs and lows of building and running a business. I am trustworthy, motivational, resourceful, curious, diligent, focused and most importantly – a Trusted Adviser.

When you work with me, I will help you to:

  • Get clarity, focus and objectivity back into your life and help stop ‘Overwhelm’ and stress
  • Ensure things get done by being your 1:1 mentor and accountability partner
  • Build and grow a sustainable and profitable business that works for you
  • Create a ‘Success Orientated Mindset’ so you shift from working ‘In’ the business to working ‘On’ the business
  • Get you back on track and achieve the results and success you desire

I have run my own business for the best part of my working life and know exactly what it is like to be an entrepreneur and the loneliness of being self-employed with the high and lows that go with the territory. It’s not easy and it can be lonely with few people who you can confide in and trust.

I live in Dun Laoghaire which is 10 km from Dublin city beside the sea, I enjoy walking especially in the Dublin Wicklow mountains, I am a keen sailor and love travel

The sad reality is that every day that you delay taking action is another day lost - so take action today by calling or email me to arrange a confidential conversation and let’s build the life you deserve.